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Chassis fasteners

Chassis fasteners

Eccentric bolts for adjusting camber and tracking

  • Depending on the functional requirements (e.g. required eccentricity) and economic criteria, 1-part or 2-part solutions are developed in coordination with the customer
  • Weight and cost optimization possible through various forms of force/torque transfer
  • Reduced weight through optimized head form, e.g. HEXALITE®

Brake caliper screw connections

  • Highly dynamic operating loads require special manufacturing and assembly measures in order to create a reliable assembly for Category A screw connections

Low-weight cores for rubber-metal assemblies

  • In many areas of the chassis, rubber-metal elements are used for vibration insulation and oscillation suppression. The integrated cores can often be manufactured under specific application requirements using cold forming technology and therefore also be weight and cost-optimized.